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The Stoning, is the latest title from Amanda Johns.

In April 1921, a thread of fear interrupted the pattern of everyday life in the small country town of Guyra, the scene of one of the most heavily documented, spectacular poltergeist hauntings ever recorded in Australia. At the time it gained the attention of not only residents across Australia, but that of the public around the world. The paranormal events were split between 2 separate locations, involved 2 families, encompassed hundreds of people, local and state police. The entirety of the events centred on a single individual, 12-year-old Minnie Bowen. This strange affair convinced many who saw, heard, and felt the activities that Minnie was being haunted.


Gripping from the start. This book takes you back in time and then hits you with such a chilling, true story. I loved the character development that introduced me to real people from 100 years ago and showed how they dealt with such a bizarre paranormal situation.


I found the story fascinating, the author has managed to bring the characters to life, as well as the images of the Australian bush and a small town

Get reading, I couldn't put it down after the Sydney detectives arrive on the scene

A very good read




Amanda Johns was born and grew up in Armidale NSW, Australia, 30kms from Guyra. It wasn't until she had left Armidale that she learnt of the Guyra Ghost. Growing up on Horror movies, books and fascinated with the paranormal, it was a surprise to not have heard of this paranormal event so close to her childhood home. As an Analyst, she has worked around Australia for a variety of organisations and decided to put these skills to use in writing a book based on the events of the Guyra Ghost. Amanda currently lives in Canberra, Australia with her family.

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